Life they say begins at forty. Ha-ha…Incredible! Does it mean we have to wait till forty before we begin to live? I’ve always pondered over that as a child. ‘’A fool at forty is a fool forever’’. That, they say too. And I’m thinking, what the heck is with the age forty, do you have any idea? Well I’m not sure if you do but one thing I’ve come to be sure of is this; life does not begin at forty, life begins at the discovery of God’s plans and purpose for a man. That purpose becomes your vision.  You can’t go far in life than you can see ahead of you and if you can’t see what has been ordained for you, anything you see, you accept. There is no such place called anywhere – if you don’t know where you are going, anywhere you get to looks like it. Vision unfolds for you what is ahead so that you can appropriate for it. Nobody needs to describe you for you, find out who you are from God. The picture you carry determines the future you enter. You can only feature in the future you picture. It is the real word of God that unveils your true identity, when you see from man’s perspective, you are limited. There comes a special moment in every one’s life, a moment for which that person was born. When he seizes it, it is his finest hour. Only men with vision prepare to seize that hour.

Alright! We get it! We all have dreams and ambitions already and we are working hard at it. Ha-ha, that must be your thoughts right now.  Yea! You are right. But then be patient a bit and get this information coming right at your doorstep. There is no success story that is not rooted to information. The news available to you, determines the moves you make and the moves you make in turn determines the news you make. When you wander away from understanding, you abide in the congregation of the dead. (oops! That was a bit scary.) Don’t be scared boo, you have more understanding than your teachers (winks). Oh yea! Alright, back to track. We were talking about vision before you interrupted with your thoughts of ambition and hard work. Need I remind you that if hard work alone determined success, nobody would have been on the ground? Concerning your dreams and ambition, get this; every self centred dream is only a balloon dream. It’s time we stopped thinking family and dining table sized success – start thinking generational size success. Those dreams and ambitions you have does it involve serving this generation, your commitment to making others live according to the grace that is made available to you. When you live for others to live, you don’t die even long after you are gone from the surface of the earth. Every true vision has an anchor in service. For most people, their dreams and ambition is to make money at all cost. If you follow them, you fall when they fall. ‘’you are not a millionaire by making a million dollars, you are a millionaire by influencing a million people’’ says Bishop David Oyedepo in his message titled Secrets of Supernatural success. Don’t just become a paper millionaire, become a people millionaire too. Don’t only raise money, raise people and you will have more money than you ever need. Only those who think others become leaders. Thinking self only makes slaves.

When you get outside yourself and make contribution to others along your vision, you really begin to live not when you get to forty. Well then, why are you just staring? Tighten your seat belts and get ready to take off. wow! I love the determination. But wait! Before you flag off, copy this; you were born to shine, a city set upon a hill that can never be hidden. Now go in this thy might and let your light so shine. Ha-ha…All smiles and applause from all of us on this month’s edition (the father, the son, the spirit and I), see you at the top.



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