by Crown Nwachukwu

Like a fool, why didn’t I   know?

Like a fool, why did I let you go?

My heart cries slowly,

And I chide myself for not being strong.

Only now realise,

That it’s just you,

that you’re the only one that can fill my heart.

Only now, I realise and I’m calling you.

Breaking up is hard to do,

‘Cause I can’t live without you.

I stood under the rain,

And I prayed to catch a cold.

The lightening splattered across my face,

The thunder deafened my eardrums.

Like the trees around, I stood and made no move.

Many women gave it a try,

But my heart that was cruel,

sent them running like a squirrel.

My heart that was sick for one,

was unable to see anyone.

Breaking up is hard to do,

‘Cause I can’t live without you.

I was hurting a lot,

because I missed you a lot.

Like a fool, could I be making a mistake?

Would I find another like you?

Do you think I can get well?

For some reasons I don’t want to say,

I had to let you go away.

The heart has so many reasons,

that reason knows not of.

I once had a clear sky but it’s all gone cloudy,

how to survive this weather,

I really do notknow.

Breaking up is killing me,

‘Cause I can’t live without you.

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