CLASSY OR FLASHY: Which is the real deal?

They stepped out. It was their feet first, legs so elegant, glittering with the steam of a scented bath, carefully tucked into designer heels that must have cost quite a fortune. Their hips swayed to the rhythm of a song they only sang and heard, like a sensual dancer to the beats of a music. The sun shone on their jewelleries and it glittered, with the shine of gold. They swayed their head in that slow appeal and their hair gave a bouncy wave to their audience. They were out to impress and they! Uuuuh! Permeated the serenity of the hall. ‘’those girls have got some class’’ came the mumbled whispers. They appealed to my eyes too, believe me. But hey! Let’s not get carried away. I’ve heard those words before, quite a number of times. I have seen people pride themselves with forced and shallow mechanism in the name of class. ‘’My people perish for lack of knowledge ‘’, so says the bible.

Classy refers to quality or premium. Premium products are products of class that undergo series of production process from research to packaging. They are refined to offer the best of services. It’s not just about the packaging, but it starts from the component parts used in the production process that gives it that unique characteristic distinct from its competitors. A lady of class is like a premium product. It’s not just about her looks, but more of what the eye can’t see which makes a statement on the outside. A statement so clear but not loud, so appealing yet not competitive, so distinct, yet the audience are left to ponder in awe. Some people call her diva. Everyone claims to be a diva. Is everyone really a diva?

According to Michelle McKinney Hammond in her book titled The diva principle, ‘’divas command attention without demanding it. There’s an air of finesse, confidence, originality and style. Divas never just walk into a room, they arrive. They never exit a room without leaving a part of themselves behind. A rich deposit of wisdom, an encouraging word, something seemingly intangible yet profound, that leaves a lasting impression on the heart of those who interacted with them’’

Alright, let’s take a look at what flashy entails. Bright, blinking, bold, colourful and sometimes beautiful. Ever seen fake gold jewellery before, it has a blinding shimmer on the shallow but if you put it on for two days, that outer layer disappears, the real rusty fake stuff begins to show and then you have to throw it away. There has been a lot of juxtaposition between the two words ‘’classy’’ and ‘’flashy’’. It’s time to establish the real deal on four dimensions. So, here we go.

The first dimension is the spirit of class. A woman of class is spiritual. Oops! Are you surprised? Don’t be. True divas walk in grace because they embrace the power of being pure in heart. They leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that the harbour the best of intentions. Believe me, the human nature can’t attain such purity of heart because even God who created man said that the inclination of man’s thoughts in his heart was only evil all the time (Genesis 6 vs 5). There is a grace that accompanies class and the author of that grace is God Almighty. That inward grace that makes others say ‘’there’s something about her. I don’t just know what but I feel it every time I see her’’. That grace is divine and supernatural. Only God can give that kind of grace. If you aren’t birthed in his presence, you don’t carry that grace. You can’t say you’re classy.

Most flashy women are worldly (not all). By flashy here, I don’t just mean wearing flashy clothes. She lives, loves and revels in all that the world has to offer. When she enters, everyone glances at her blinking figure. She draws attention with her flattery. From her appearance, to her speech, downright to her mannerism, but it doesn’t take long for someone to notice that it’s not the real thing and look away to focus on more important things. It’s simply embarrassing. Others sigh in disgust discovering that their effort in giving her the initial attention wasn’t worth it.

Did I tell you that classy women are prayer warriors? ‘’There she goes again’’. But that’s the truth. Why do I say so? Because classy women are carriers of power while flashy women are seekers of power. Flashy women seek to acquire power by whatever means. Only prayer can give you the power to rule your present and future. Flashy women acquire power to rule their present. Their future is never guaranteed.

The second dimension is the attitude of class. A woman of class is not interested in hogging the limelight; she’s fiercely determined to shed the light. For a flashy woman, it’s all about appearing in the limelight, so everyone could notice. She is not interested in being the light. How can she be the light anyway if the light of the world, Jesus, is not her lord? The attitude of a classy woman is not self centred. That’s the opposite of a flashy woman. A flashy woman is self centred, acquiring more and more, in search of power and prestige and ending up being a figment of the real thing. Every diva should purpose in her heart to step into the fullness of her purpose and exercise her maximum potential.

Lastly for her attitude, a woman of class lets a man be a man and understands her place as a woman, irrespective of her status. On the contrary, a flashy woman flexes her muscles, challenges a man’s authority and constantly bruises his ego just because she’s probably born into some wealthy family, occupies a certain position or is surrounded by a lot of material possession.

Let’s get downright to the third dimension, the fashion of class. This is where the controversy lies. You have the latest channel Lego clutch bag or the Louis vuiton version of it, your suit was tailored in London, your stilhetto heels, a product of Dona collections and you find yourself on the steering of a Rolls Royce. That’s cool. Sweet is the word. Fabulous look, quality possessions I must say. But those are qualities of the exterior; class comes from a quality interior. If you have an interior quality, combined with all these exterior quality possessions, then you are simply Diva-classic. But if that expensive look is all you’ve got, come off it girl, you are all flashy, not classy. Get the difference.  Divas set fashion trends, they don’t follow blindly. Classic, simple, affordable and complementary are the keywords. They don’t wear themselves out or do things below the standards to join the moving trend. Their wants are subject to their needs and their means. For the flashy girls, it doesn’t matter how they get it, they just have to belong. Never believe that a great outfit could make up for a horrible disposition. There’s an emptiness in living a fabulous life for yourself. The fact is, it’s simply not fabulous.

The last but not the least dimension is the profession of class. A woman of class knows that she is first, a child of God, a woman and then a creation created to give something of herself to bless her world. She owns a profession, her profession doesn’t own her. It doesn’t come in the way of her relationship with her creator, her loved ones or the people around her. A flashy woman allows her profession to own her. She prides herself on it. It doesn’t matter to her what is involved, as long as it affords her all the vanity that the world can offer.

We will be stopping here for the now. It doesn’t just end with the women, men are also a part of this confusion. It’s applicable to both gender. There’s a real difference between classy and flashy. Tell yourself the truth; where do you belong and where exactly do you want to belong?


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