Kiss & Tell ep.8

CNN reporter Nima Elbagir gets free offer of Condom while posed as a migrant to Europe from Auchi Nigeria.

It goes to say that as a people our level of desperation is irreparable.

Just late last year Nigeria recorded the highest no of deportees from Libya following the menace of modern day slavery. Only some were alive to witness this rescue mission. When I say “alive” I mean dagger glaring eyes popping out of sunken sockets, completely drilled by misery. While deportation is ongoing in batches, fresh troupes are still sneaking out. Whatever is fueling their effrontery to embrace this misery must be huge. “In search of greener pasture” says the herd. However, this term “greener pasture” is relative.

I mentioned Condom earlier.

This Nigga was busy advising the reporter to get “gold circle” for the journey ahead. Unknown to him that she’s documenting undercover for CNN. Chai Niger! That goes to say that all the ladies for the journey are simply “sex toys on transit”.
And I ask, what will a girl be doing smuggling to an “imaginary” destination at dark hours abandoning her home? I call it “imaginary” because it is pure mental derangement to think your life will transform to that of a watermaid surrounded by a fairy castle called Europe. If you can’t even use your brain in your homeland, how do you think your garri greased skull will be useful in a foreign land? In these era of social awareness where skills are even more viable than certificate, some people are still ready to plunge their life into a nightmare. Playing dumb trying to be smart.

Back to “Greener Pastures”

This insatiable greed of man who can cure it? Sometimes the hard currency they make from hussling and send back home for project are being squandered down here by relations. “My son is abroad” and the lavish goes on. Some people left the shores of this country whole and came back disabled out of the hard labour they go through. A lot have lost touch completely with their families. “We’ve not heard from him for over 20 years now” they say. It is true that the differential between Euro or Dollar to Naira is huge but Must We Die Before We Even Get the Chance to Live?

I’m not done with the Condom

Its the girls I pity. So eh, what if the condom gets to finish on the way nko? Na OYO be that. Naked “kerewa” equals Pregnancy. Imagine a pregnant woman trudge tirelessly through deserts, drink urine for water and gasp for life in bottomless oceans. Oh! She won’t even be spared from further “kerewa” on top the bastard in her tummy. Prickly hives spread over my skin already.
Dear Nigerian girl who bewitched you?

Image credit: CNN Nina Elbagir

Written by Crown Nwachukwu

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