crown chukwu

The cliché that customer is king invariably refers to service providers as mere subjects of the king.

Over the years, organisations have subconsciously planted this redundant perception in the mind of employees with the aim to increase profit. Customer is king in all truth and the intention for capitalists to retain customer loyalty and increase profit is quite noble but excellent service delivery has remained in an all time low.

I will tell you why.

You can only take a horse to the stream, you cannot force it to drink water.

Although nobody cares about your internal package but external deliveries such as a smile, timeliness, consistency and overall competence are not sustainable if your internal template is biased. You cannot treat your customers differently until your motivation is intrinsic, not based on salary or your boss.

I’m saying, customer service is based on personal development. It sits on the new you. You are the first King. The bedrock of the change.

An understanding of your purpose helps straighten the values you bring to the workplace. Your mindset becomes untouchable. Employers who understand this, take staff welfare serious. They understand that they cannot treat their external customers nicely and treat their internal customers (staff) horribly.

Furthermore, there’s no customer service if the customer doesn’t come back. And people come back based on their experiences with you. These experiences are hinged on the five senses( touch, smell, sight, taste and hear).

Ever wondered why a customer remains loyal to you over other competitors that offer same product or service? Because people buy you before they buy the brand.

Be the brand.

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Crown Nwachukwu

*Superior Customer Service Excellence*
Training; Porthacourt City