“Take me home.” She released his hands.
“Now.” She strode past him in quick sporadic steps.
“I thought we were supposed to lodge at my place tonight…”
“Not any more”. She cut in
” who will open your gate at this odd hour of the night?” His brow creased into tiny folds. Ray stood fixated at a place. He dipped his hands into his pocket.
“I’ll find a way. Just take me out of here please. Come on.” She threw her hands in the air, and stamped her foot impatiently.

Ray made no move. He wasn’t a man of many words. But definitely not one to be taken lightly. Oge walked to one of the taxi men and started negotiating. Ray regarded her in exasperation. She dare not walk out on him. She wasn’t that erratic. Was she? And what on earth did she even see behind that building? Why did she change her mind?

“Peee Peee”. The taxi honked loudly flaking the head light on his eyes. Ray dashed out of the way. They sped past. Oge was in the passenger’s seat. His jaw tightened and he gritted his teeth making clattering sounds. He clenched his fists inside his pocket and fought the impulse to enter his car and chase after them. What if something bad happens to her?

Caught between his ego and desire, he felt his feet numb against the floor unsure of which step to take. Ray found Oge’s independence frightening. All the signs had been there. The quiet aloofness. The silent authority. The strength of opinions. From the very first day he met her, he had an inkling. She was a total package. A total package of trouble.

——————-Excerpts from my first Novel.
Written by Crown Nwachukwu
Coming soon

  • 25,000 words manuscript done & dusted.
    First draft and almost flawless.
    One month deadline achieved.
    Sorry for my absence in publishing articles on d’inspirer. This project got me busy. But I’m back.
    I’m reading Chimamanda’s Purple Hibiscus and The Thing Around Your Neck (Birthday gift from colleagues)
    Let’s do more this 2018.
    Me and you together.

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