The sun rises to set each day. For some, the sun rises to set while for others, the sun sets to rise again. In a nutshell, a situation does not make any person happy. The key to happiness is one’s view of a situation. A person’s failure in life is not because there’s an ocean of difficulties around that person but because of the negative thoughts in his mind. It is actually the differences and oppositions in life and relationship that bring about balance and strength. If a couple were to be both misers, they will continually save and not enjoy the good things of life but if both were to spend lavishly, they will go bankrupt. The strength lies in diversity. People, who accept each other’s differences, make life’s journey a celebration.

Let me save you the plenty explanation. All I’m saying is this; be original, be you.  Accept your difference including your neighbours own. God made no mistake to have created you introvert, extrovert, dark, tall, slim, plump, Tall, Short, dark, light, cool or highly spirited. It’s natural to be different. I once wanted to live the script written by other people’s  opinion, when I stumbled across a chat between two people I care about and saw how someone called me a ‘’radical atom full of energy’’ . I wanted to be sour.  I almost lost momentary courage to be to be myself again because I didn’t want to be called names. I wanted to impress. However, I didn’t.  A lot of people who get a negative remarks about their personality, tend to immediately shift into a correction mode. They want to right the wrongs that someone else sees in them. They blame themselves for their own make up. I submit this to you today, be an exception to the rule. Do not apologise for being created you. It’s only natural to be different I say.

I have been called ‘’a radical atom’’ for always been on the go. Of course, people in the know, stay on the go’’. Jesus was called a blasphemer because he claimed to be the same as God and called those things that be not as if they were (the account of Lazarus coming back to life is a typical example). I console you in advance because you can be called anything for representing the God that created you. Take courage and motivate yourself. People who are not motivated fail to perform when others do not appreciate them. However, self motivated people, like stars continue to perform even when others do not recognise them. It is this category of people that outshine others. If it rains, the solution is to use an umbrella and let it rain. There are a few things in life that can’t be changed. People who do not let what they can’t do interfere with what they can do, go a long way. By chasing the impossible one can even loose the possible. So, I follow this prayer that says; ‘’give me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference’’.

A chick can’t see the light of the day without breaking the shell first. So, Come out of your self-limiting and other people’s biased interpretation of your person. Nobody falls into any circumstance. We all create our circumstances. Create yours henceforth. Don’t say ‘’soon or later. ‘’soon’’ is the mentality of slackers and ‘’later’’ is the slogan of losers, so they become all they ever dream of in their minds (except you). Open the door and explore the new, unknown and even ambiguous areas of this creation called you. Experience the endless opportunities out there and don’t be afraid to take calculated risk according to divine direction. Plucking fruits of success without taking risk is not possible. There’s always a risk. There’s less risk in taking a risk. Not taking a risk means everything is at risk. People who take a chance get ahead in life. So let your colours burst, you were born this way. My mama once told me when I was young that we are all born super stars. So hold your head up high girl, and be the best you should be. In religion, it’s called spirits, in the street, it’s called vibes but seated by my bedside with the blinds pulled open and from the soul of this radical being, I call it fireworks! Lit up your firework everyone and let the celebration begin. Hurray!


By Crown Nwachukwu

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