Have you ever seen a picture and regret ever meeting the person you see there? Have you ever remembered a past incident and wished those memories never existed? Does this feeling of remorse sweep over you, when your mind flashes a past action? Have there ever been moments you felt stupid? Moments that cost you a virtue, moments you took the wrong move, foolish moments I dare say.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Everyone has had a foolish moment at one point or the other of their lives. The reason, been that we are humans with flesh and blood. Those are moments of mistakes, done either directly or indirectly. These mistakes are borne out of our weaknesses. Such weaknesses as anger, strife, fear, forgetfulness, addiction, immorality, lying, etc. You can add your own weakness to the list. These weaknesses are branches that bear a root in these three elements; the pride of life, the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh, these three elements are firmly fixed to the soil of the human nature from where they draw their nourishment . When this tree matures, it bears fruits of foolishness.

The truth is this; your foolish moments could cost your life, it could ruin your career, your relationships with people and even your destiny. The earlier you reduce your foolish moments, the faster you run to your purpose, the happier you become. If you agree with me, then let’s not waste time at all. Just take my hand as we walk down the path of discovering how to reduce these foolish moments.

There are four important virtues that can help you minimise your foolish moments; the first is wisdom. According to pastor Chris Oyakhilome , the founder of Christ embassy church, success is the ability to minimise errors. It is not just the accumulation of the right information, rather it is the ability to apply it to one’s life. By so doing, your errors are minimised, your success is guaranteed! The question is, what information do you have? The word of God is one true information. ‘’how can a young man cleanse his ways?’’ asks the psalmist ‘’by taking heed according to your word’’ came his own very reply. (psalm 119vs 9). Good parental upbringing, societal morals, the church, the media, inspirational books and some personal experiences could all be sources of the right information.

The second is prudence. Practical applicable wisdom to every choice you make. Satisfaction comes after the fact, when you are able to walk away with dignity and your heart intact, assured of the peace that comes from making wise choices . The  third is courage. The ability and will to do the right thing even when faced with adversity or opposition. It means affirming your faith in the word no matter the opposition. Courage to face a fight. Courage to make a fight.  The fourth is self control; ability to hold on, to wait, to say not now. Ability to control your impulses and delay gratification for long term gain. Part of disciplining yourself is learning how to keep silent, refusing to give more acknowledgements to an offence. Foolish seeds that have been planted will wither and die if they have nothing to feed them. Fools will always undo themselves if left to their devices. It sometimes means keeping your cool when everyone else is loosing theirs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   It is important to note that you cannot minimize your foolish moments without God’s spirit and grace, which has the ability to subdue the flesh- that human nature. Only a fool says in his heart that there is no God reminds the holy bible and if you ask my opinion, the same fool has a trail of foolish moments most of the days of his life. Remove yourself from situations and people that are not conducive to bearing good fruit in your life. Finally, consider the cost of a moment of foolishness versus composure, so that you walk into your destiny unfettered by regrettable past actions. Consider the joy of transforming your foolish moments to happy moments.

Written by Crown Nwachukwu

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