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Half of the women today are leaning in to their voice and differences. This has not being favourable.

Some men wee on their pants before they get a chance to meet them and as a defense mechanism label these women angry, aggressive, feminist, career women, bla bla bla.

So the remaining half are so frightened of this outcome, they never lean in at all. They have no voice. There’s the need to win the virtuous woman award even when there’s nothing mentally virtuous about their real life condition.

Both half suffer in different ways.
Only a few women balance these extreme narratives.
Linda Ikeji is one of them.
Which brings me to today’s post.

I never wanted to lend a voice after reading Linda’s publication surrounding her baby. Not until people started making a fuss. Long story cut short, she fell in love with a man, got pregnant during courtship but unfortunately, this man bailed out at the end. His loss if you ask me.

Linda owes nobody this story yet found the confidence to share it. This woman bared her deepest vulnerabilities in that post. All of it. So here goes the average girl; “Why was she preaching to us na?”
Then here goes the angry powerful woman ; “she’s just playing victim.”

All of you kettle calling her blackpot forget that she is not a ‘know all’. We are all transitioning. We have worse stories. And here someone shares theirs, owns up to their fears, apologizes to non-deserving Nigerians and finds courage to urge you on, yet you weep.

What is it in criticism that makes us weep?

I wonder how she navigated through all that and still maintained billionaire blogger. Her status didn’t drop for a day. From blogging to TV, sweeping the entire media industry instead. 90% of this online weepers would have died of depression, let alone manage a multi million enterprise.

“Wealth is not male. Success is not male”, she said. Women must learn to grow their ambition and make their own money.

Now if you didn’t learn anything from this show of strength cum humanity, go eat eba in peace. I do not stand with you.

I stand with Linda Ikeji.