crown chukwu

   A 99.9% Shift to Power

The people who get ahead in this life are the people who get up and look for the circumstance they want and if they can’t find them, make them. Albert Einstein once said; ‘’The significant problem we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were when we created them’’. Hence, we need a paradigm shift in our thought process. A complete new line of thought. At Leave the Crowded Quarters ed 1, we have established our problem to be Classical Conditioning. A conditioned response to a neutral stimuli. There, we used Pavlov’s Dog experiment as our illustration. Another example is this; when you first see someone bring a pin close to a balloon, you watch in anticipation as the person burst the balloon. After this had happened a few more times, you will associate holding a pin close to a balloon with the ‘’bang’’ sound that followed. Classical conditioning will lead you to associate a neutral stimuli (bringing a pin close to the balloon) with bursting of balloon (the actual conditioned stimuli), leading to a conditioned response of either flinching, wincing or covering your ear.
Do you get the picture? We have been wired to behave or react to perceived notion surrounding us, even when it is not the reality. The fact that our neighbors did the same and almost everyone is doing same have conditioned our response. We have come to accept that ‘’if you can’t beat them, you join them’’ or else you will be left alone. Contrary to popular opinion, who told you that you wont succeed until you study Medicine or Law? Who told you that your education was bagged to make ends meet alone? It’s all perception and we are too afraid to even dare. Well I have good news for you today. The good news is that we were made for more. More than accepting the statusquo. More than the ‘’good life’. Why? Because the good life isn’t good enough. Strive instead for the better life. A life that explores the depth of your purpose and capacities. Well the much anticipated movement is on and the first thing to expect is;

When I say Change, I don’t mean the Nigerian APC party slogan. As a matter of fact I don’t have a broom in my hand. This is where the paradigm begins to shift. Oh! I forgot to finish up the Pavlovs Dog’s experiment. Did you know that as time went on and the dogs kept salivating at the sound of a bell without food coming forth. Their salivation decreased till extinction. They no longer responded to those neutral stimuli. Their perception changed. Now if a dog can change perception, how much more you and I with brains, talents and capabilities. Theres no growth without change, theres no change without loss. Theres no loss without pain. No pain no gain. That’s how we roll . Many people have a fear for change. Sometimes they even prefer to remain in an unpleasant situation rather than go for the unknown. People also resist change because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain. If you must leave the crowded quarters, you must expect change and with that change comes risk. The risk of loosing something in the temporary. That something could be validation from loved ones, it could be friends, a thrilling indulgence or money. When you are open to loosing something in order to gain something else, you are ready to take a risk. Taking a risk requires that you step out of your comfort zone while standing on faith and hard work. Your willingness to take that risk today may as well determine how rewarding your life turns out to be tomorrow. In fact, every risk that comes from change is an opportunity to grow in strength and power. Adopt the risk of change with a whatever it takes attitude. Keith Harrell told a story of how he left IBM to become a professional speaker. He had a hurdle to pass. He had to tell his father. His Dad spent his entire thirty six years teaching career at a local community. He believed in job security. He was not a guy that readily embraced change. ‘’I broke the news to him and he expressed his concerns’’ said Keith. ‘’Son it’s not going to be easy replied the Dad’’. Do you have a contingency plan if this speaking thing doesn’t work out? You’ve got a mortgage and car payments and you don’t have any client. Let me ask you, are you prepared to get a room mate?
‘’whatever it takes Dad’’
‘’Rent out the house and move into a new apartment?’’
‘’whatever it takes Dad’’
‘’Get a second job?’’
‘’whatever it takes Dad’’
‘’Sell your car?’’
‘’whatever it takes Dad’’
‘’Move home with your mother?’’
‘’Dad if I have to move back home, live in the basement and sleep in the bunk bed, that’s what I’ll do. …I know what I’m doing now is what I’m supposed to do’’ His Dad fell silent for a minute or two appraising him, weighing his resolve. ‘’Keith, he said you’ve convinced me. you’ve got a WIT. A Whatever It Takes attitude, and that’s what’s going to take for you to make it out there’’. ‘’With my Dad’s blessing and a Whatever It Takes Attitude, I launched a career that has been financially rewarding and spiritually fufilling’’ Keith explained. Any time you want to stretch and grow, you are going to have to make changes and take risk. Change is part of life and risk is part of the change process. To deal with risk and change you have to adopt a Whatever -It -Takes attitude.

Self Discovery
Hellen Keller once said; ‘’ when you turn towards the sunshine, the shadows fall behind you’’ when we accept responsibility we feel strong, powerful and in control. Self Discovery simply means taking responsibility of our own first creation. I mean the creation that God embedded in us before all the stimuli took over. It has to do with identifying why you are here on earth that is, your purpose . How do you discover Purpose? ‘’By making God your reference point says Rick Warren author of Purpose Driven Life. It is fatal to think that God’s goal for your life is material prosperity and fame. You will never feel completely satisfied on earth. Because you were made for more – eternity. You discover your identity and purpose through a relationship with your maker. Life is about letting God use you for his purpose and not using God for your self actualization. God was thinking of you long before you ever thought of him. His purpose for your life predates your conception. You can choose your career, spouse and possessions but you can’t choose your purpose. Long before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, you were conceived in the mind of God. God prescribed every detail of your body, he determined the natural talents you would have and the uniqueness of your personality. Where there are illegitimate parents their are no illegitimate children’’. Without mincing words, Purpose means identifying your place with God and serving your fellow mankind with the abilities and capacities that he embedded in you.
Self discovery has to do with identifying your purpose for creation, your temperament with it’s strengths and weakness and the talents that are inherent in you. These identities become your mission statement. Your mission becomes your constitution, the solid expressions of your vision and values. You have a sense of mission about what you are trying to do and you are excited about it. As you do other people sense that you are not been driven by everything that happens to you. Instead of living the script already written by parents, society genetics and environment, you will begin to live out your own script written from your own selected value system. When people undertake to identify what matters to them, they become reverent. They start to think in larger terms than today and tomorrow. They begin to live with the end in mind. The ‘’end’’ here means the long term picture. According to Steven Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, ‘’ to begin with the end in mind means to be responsible for my own first creation, to rescript myself so that the paradigms from which my behavior and attitude flow are congruent with my deepest values and in harmony with correct principle. It also means to begin each day with those values firmly in mind, then as challenges come, I can make decisions based on these values. I can act with integrity. I don’t have to react to circumstances because my values are clear. There’s no confusion in my head. Even when it comes to choosing a partner for those of us that are still single, or a career or whatever it is, you are already proactive, already aware, already in charge. A little more light on this below;

Proactiveness Vs. Reactiveness (The real test of Self Mastery and Power)
Freedom to choose
Stimuli — ———————-Response
This is where the power materializes into greatness. Proactive people are people who have identified who they are and are ready to use that identity to get what they want. Proactive people focus their energy on their circle of influence. Their circle of influence been the purpose, temperament, personality, experience, talents and more, which they have discovered. They recognize that they have the power to choose their response to the stimuli of life. They respond to the possibilities of their influence. The nature of their energy is positive and magnifying causing their circle of influence to increase. Their self esteem is high because they are making happen each day what is priority to them. This is because their values are clear. However, reactive people focus their effort on their circle of concern. They focus on their weakness, other peoples weakness, the problems around them and the circumstances they have no control over. This is where the multitude lie. When you simply react, you go with your gut emotional instinct, matching every stimuli with an expected response with little thought of the long range consequences. When you respond by choice, your brain is fully engaged, and your self awareness is high. You have the long term big picture in mind. When you choose to be proactive, you remind yourself that you are predestined for greatness. Pre- means that there’s a plan for your life. Being active keeps you moving towards that plan.One step at a time. Now the paradigm have moved upward by 99.9% from Conditioning to Power. The power in making a choice and taking the risk to go for change. The power of self discovery and mastery. Let’s leave 1% out of it for the miscellaneous of life because honestly, all things never get equal. Now you can see that the path to mediocrity is about reacting to Conditioning. While the path to greatness is to Proactively shift from conditioning to Self Discovery and then to Mastery – the apex of Power.
The path to mediocrity straight jackets human potential. The path to greatness unleashes human potential. The path to mediocrity is the quick fix, short cut approach to life. The path to greatness is a process of sequential growth from the inside -out.. Travellers on the path to mediocrity live out the culture software of ego, indulgence, scarcity, comparison, competitiveness and victimization. Travellers on the upper path to greatness rise above these forces and choose to become the creative force of their lives. One word expresses the path to greatness; ‘’voice’’. Those on this path find their voice and inspire others to find theirs. The rest never do and that’s where the multitude lie. Mediocrity is the crowded territory. Grab a power bike and leave the crowded quarters. Now!

Written by Crown Nwachukwu

Recommended Books:
Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
Attitude is Everything by Keith Harrell
Why You Act the Way You Do by Tim Lahaye
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.