4 advantages you didn’t know you have and how to make them work for you

“Your most vital assets are your mental, emotional and physical energies. How you invest them determine your entire quality of life” says Brian Tracy. The overcast August sky stared back under a blanket of ashen gray. It’s the last week of August and the mutilated shapes of cloud lay scattered ready to usher in September. The last quarter of the year 2017 is about to take off. Musing over Brian Tracy’s words in the wake of this economic recession, what could one consider an asset and how can one even invest it? Assets are identified as gains, advantages or leverage. The word leverage is both a noun (asset) and a verb (invest) and that’s our point of discuss today.
According to the book Why We Want You to Be Rich by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, Leverage is the ability to do more with less. This is relative to the concept of Comparative Advantage in Economics. Comparative Advantage is what a country produces most efficiently at the lowest opportunity cost. And we all know what opportunity cost is right? It is the alternative forgone in acquiring the best option. For instance, Nigeria’s top export is crude petroleum because of the Country’s abundant crude natural resource. This is the good for which the country has more advantage and could trade internationally with to earn reserve amongst others. As an individual, have you cared to ask yourself; what are my advantages in life right now and how can I leverage on them? Well, Now that you ask, let’s answer it together with these four points.
1. The Mind: According to Donald Trump in the aforementioned book, brain power is the ultimate leverage. If you want to become rich and not be a victim of global changes, it’s important you develop the greatest lever of all; your mind. One of the greatest mental discoveries of all times is that you become what you think about most of the time. The law of attraction states that you attract into your life those things that are consistent with your dominant thoughts. If you itemise this secret, you are already on the winning side. How can one develop their mind? Successful people develop their mind by thinking in the affirmative. “Thoughts lead to purposes, purposes go forth in action, and actions form habits, habits decide character and character fixes our destiny” says Tyron Edwards. The expectation theory states that people are motivated by what they expect to happen more than any other factor or influence. This goes to say that you can manufacture your own expectation by developing your mind to think positive thoughts, no matter how things appear at the moment. Your attitude, expectations and behaviour, will then have an inordinate influence on the way things actually work for you. Unfortunately, negative expectation also has self fulfilling prophesies. If you expect things to turn out poorly, your negative attitude then increases the likelihood that you will experience the negative consequences you anticipated. To always think in the affirmative, you have to surround yourself with positive people, inspiring books, articles and discussions like the one you are having now. Readers are leaders.
2. Talent & Skill: The things that excite you in life are not random, they are related to your calling. Calling is another word for talent to most people. Working on your talent is like a breath of fresh air that infuses life back into you. Almost like flying without wings. Every man is born with a certain talent and that’s an advantage. There’s a thin line between talents and skill. Talents require skill. Skill however does not require talent. Someone could be skilled in an area not related to his or her calling by acquiring training. It’s important to note that people don’t reward you for your talent; they reward you for your skill. From the book mentioned earlier, your most precious financial asset is your earning ability. Whether your earning ability is tied to your talent or a learned skill, increase it. Do the best you can to leverage on your talent, make it a skill and in turn make profit from it. Some people are gifted in giving creative ideas, some are action oriented, and some are gifted in craft work while others in brain work. Do your bit and never settle for a half developed talent or skill.
It will be in your best interest to realise that equilibrium is illusionary. Nothing lasts forever and nothing is ever in equilibrium. The world is moving. Times are evolving. Waiting for the recession to go away or for things to normalise is wishful thinking. Waiting till your resources are massive is also wishful thinking. Innovation is the only constant. Our attention is usually on the mass of what already exist and not on the trend evident in small phenomena. Fortunes are made by those who latch onto greatness while it is still small and accelerating. Stop thinking 50/50 says Richard Koch in his book titled the 80/20 Principle. Think skewness. Expect 20% to equal 80% and vice versa. Expect the unexpected. Expect everything. Expect tomorrows 20% to be different from today’s 20%. Wherever you spot a 20% make the most of it. Use whatever resource at your disposal, your talents, brainpower, position and money to leverage and magnify your opportunities in life. Get the last two powerful points on Leverage ed.2 by next week Monday. All the best! From all of us @d’inspirer.


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