It is apparent that the seat of power has in the recent times, absorbed public assertion more than any other time. While national or international politics has never played a part in my storyline, this “chaperon of a more humanitarian world” and her rumored race to the white house has caught a loose button up my sleeve.

When she stepped onto the stage, the hairs on my amber skin stood. And waved. It was her feminity displayed in all defiantness over a black dress showing off her cleavage, that lurked onto my subconscious. As if to say “I am Oprah”. I am a Woman. And I’m never exiting. While the grandeur of Women emancipation has received ovation over the years, a victimist movement of today’s woman is a no-no approach. I am inclined to debate in opposition to this “us against them” wolf cry. Especially, if it is coming from the white house.

On the Oprah Winfrey show, She has served as the Shepard of the varied flock of concern troubling the average mass. Oprah has spawned the message of gender equality, women empowerment, domestic violence, racism, gun abuse and self empowerment. Her story as that of a little black girl whose assent to a resilient womanhood was accustomed by a time of racial upheaval, presents her as a practical solution to the cries of the middle class. This is opposed to the post Trump reign of “shit hole” perspective, hence the rescue mission “Oprah 2020”.

However, critics have spawned their concerns over the relationship between the fine oratory she delivered at the Cecil B. awards which is where the commotion started, and the qualifications allocated to the office of a President. ‘’I am not immune to Oprah’s charms but President Winfrey is a terrible idea’’. Thomas Chatterson Williams wrote, in response to the commotion, as written in The New Yorker by Doreen St. Felix.

There is no conspiracy to the truth that women has in the past being ostracized to the “inner chamber” for the sole purpose of pleasure and procreation. This has stifled their creativity and resulted in the abuse of their most liberal instinct. However with the emergence of soul winners like Oprah and her crusade to “deliver the girl child”, a lot of power has arisen from the female colony. From Politics to the board room and even the media, women are representing and are fast replicating their kind. The likes of Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and others have inspired me. To shed the “me too” tears like a toddler freaking out for mummy’s embrace is beneath the capacity of our time as women. It is high time we stopped crying “wolf”’ and embrace the core of our humanity both as men and women.

It is my candid opinion that we gather all of our intelligence into building, negotiating and structuring our resources. For those who are fortunate to own a silver spoon in their dinning set, they could make opportunities more available to the girl child. Opportunities such as; scholarships, capital, self defense training and awareness for girls, skill acquisitions and employment. This can be achieved without an affront to the male folk. No battle ground of male vanquished and female victors. I’ll prefer a “together we rise in love and light” campaign, than the “me too” self absorbed framework. We need the protection and strength of men. They need our intelligence, tender care and instincts. If they abuse us, they loose. If we disregard them, we hurt.

Its about time we all moved on from gender matters. It is about time the Government ensures justice and protects the life of her citizens, men and women alike. I bow for all the Oprah’s of our time. They are the reason we have evolved to this place of equality today. If politically prepared, President Winfrey isn’t a terrible idea after all.

Written by Crown Nwachukwu.

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