“My body was turning in on me”. She wrote in the new issue of O Magazine. First hyperthyroidism which sped up my metabolism and made me unable to sleep for days. Then Hypothyroidism which slowed down my metabolism and made me want to sleep all the time”. An excerpt from CBS news Oct 17, 2007. 1:26pm EDT

11 years down the line Oprah is still making a fuss! Like nothing ever happened. Bruised by different illnesses and all the rough edges of life, she’s still got that skull hanging there.

She was born on 29th Jan, 1954 (age 64), into poverty to a teenage single mother. Molested during her childhood and early teens. Became pregnant at 14. Her son died in infancy.

Today, American media Proprietor, Talkshow host, actress, Producer and Philanthropist, best known for her talk show THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW. Several assessment rank her as the most influential woman in the world.

While the world chose to dance to her accomplishments yersteday, I chose to remind the world of her struggles. There are no born superstars. We all got a scoop of this hot meal.

Every time she rises to the stage I’m shy. Hahaha. Wide eye. Lips parted. Flushed cheeks and that winning grin on my face. “I made it Crown” she whispers softly. “You too can”. The waves are telepathic. They electrocute me each time. ” I know”, comes my hush reply.

Ladies and gentle men, join me wish Oprah Winfrey a Happy Belated Birthday.

By Crown Nwachukwu

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