Look at you! Look, how beautiful you are. Your ovaries are spilling all over the place. I am your mother. I have lived long enough to know that women like you end up lonely. And what is this heedless abandon in your stance. You act like the world is under your feet. I dare you, do not come to your sister’s wedding without a man.

Father’s remedy- Let’s play this game of chess. I’m fixing you on seven blind dates.

Ist date(pastor’s son): “Are you a virgin?”
Lips hung open, babe is flummoxed.
Seven blind dates; seven men all blank.

Somewhere out of fate, nigga steps in. He was never in the original picture. No one feature makes him the hero although the muscles on his chest and arm hugged his shirt tighter and made us desire a cuddle.

Jim Iyke is a bad boy.

He beat the game.
Mercy Johnson fell in love with him.
We fell in love with both of them.

Story twist- Few weeks to wedding, younger sister runs back to the house with dark circles round a swollen eye. Wedding is cancelled.

Movie ends. I should leave the cinema but I’m still seated, throwing a cold popcorn unconsciously into my mouth. I was blown away. The script writer did not disappoint me. My mentor, my muse, my super woman- Joy Isi Bewaji.

*Movie Review*
by Crown Nwachukwu

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