Kiss&Tell ep 6.

Me I want to be your lover ah ah….
Oh baby call me later…..

For some reason, Simi’s “JOROMI” evokes this soft vibes in me. I guess is the fact that the song is practical especially in the single girls zone.

The concept of flashing “green light” along a guys way to get his attention, dates back to history. Our Nollywood movies of the good old days did a good job in portraying some of those moonlight cultures. That scene where a village maiden will fasten a piece of cloth around her ripe chest. Another piece loosely placed on her hip just enough to sample those full thighs. Grabbing her calabash to the stream, the only route of course would be beside her dream man’s house. As she whistles tunes, those moulds of flesh shake vigorously behind. Left-right-left, to the clicking beats made by the many beads on her waist. You hardly can tell if she’s dancing or walking. Hehehe God help you if that waist belongs to Mercy Johnson. Today the “green light” strategy has changed.

However, there’s a thin line between giving signal and being desperate. Its easy to slip into desperation if you are not careful. If he’s not catching your signal, then “girl it up” like they say ” man it up”. Continue tending your rose flowers. Someone will soon stop by your garden and say “excuse me miss, can I talk to you for sec? U know as e dey be na. (Winks). All I’m saying is, don’t be a “mumu” because of one “joromi”.

Anyway I like the way Simi handled her Joromi. She was just everything a girl should be. Fun, easy going and damn smart. No slay queen drama. Natural setting. Simple costume. I rate it 99.9%.

I love the part where she pretended to fall and the dude carried her up. She looked at the camera. Her chin curved into a mischievous grin. “I caught him” she said with her eye. I smile back each time. I get the message clearly. Oh! and that basket baller Joromi guy of hers; The guy follow sha. I see tenderness in his clueless face. Something about the way his grabby chest beats rapidly. Up-down-up.. Lol. lemecomeandbegoing jor.

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