The ABC dictionary defines a treasure (noun) as ‘’something very valuable’’. It also defined it in the verb form to mean ‘’to keep something carefully because one values it’’ or ‘’to hold something in high esteem’’. Most precious stones are regarded as treasures, such as diamonds, pearls, etc. Another form of treasure includes gold in the form of jewelleries, watches, necklaces, etc.  Hello! Hope we are not here to define treasures? Someone would impatiently be thinking by now. Not exactly honey. So what? Take a deep breath. Now look at this:

How do you ever feel when you think about your mother? Love, gratitude, appreciation…the list of those emotions spiralling through your mind is endless. You only appreciate what you value. If then you value your mother, from our definition earlier, your mother is a treasure. Well if your mother is a treasure, every woman is a treasure then. The female gender is a rare gift. If you are a woman reading this article, spread your hands in the air and show some excitement. Wow! Well, I’m not here to excite you. I’m here to inspire you. Little wonder you are kept carefully away from harm, never allowed to carry the heavy luggage, always shielded from the roadside when walking with a man, and always allowed to walk in front with the man behind in situations where the road is narrow. Don’t you ever get it? It’s because you are a treasure, one with an irredeemable value.

Now if you are a man reading this, don’t get all itchy and defensive. The reason is this; without you, there wouldn’t be any other instrument to use by God, in keeping these women safe. God gave you the capacity to do that when he created you. That’s why you have more physical strength than we. Did you ever stop to consider why he made Adam first before Eve? Because he knew that once Eve was made, she will need a capable hand to keep her safe…like a treasure. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you are the hero? The capable one.

I will like to give you a few characteristics of treasures. Firstly, treasures are hidden. Whether acquired or natural, they are never kept in an open place. Unless otherwise put up for sale. We don’t see precious stones on the streets just like the pebbles on the sand which we match on, along our path every day. As a treasure, every woman is supposed to be kept in the secret place. Where is this secret place? The secret place of the Almighty. (psalm 91 vs 1) if you are a woman and you agree with me to be a treasure, then you have to be dwelling in God’s secret place-his presence. The glory of God’s presence makes it all the worth. Every time we abscond from the presence of God as women, we could be classified as treasures without worth. How do I mean? Imagine seeing a diamond lie bare on the sand as you walk home. On a first note, you would think of it as being fake or not original because you know it’s not supposed to be there. That’s how it is when a woman leaves the presence of God. It’s like a treasure that is out of its place.

The body of a woman being the temple of God also harbours the presence of God and should be kept preserved, not thrown carelessly bare, accessible to all and sundry. A treasure is not to be opened by just anyone. Only the one who pays the ultimate price and takes the sacrifice to find it can unravel it. Your dressing is paramount here.  They are the sheets used to wrap the treasure. Have you seen a wedding gift half wrapped? It doesn’t look presentable. Gifts like treasures are well wrapped so that everybody doesn’t see what is inside until it gets to the intended owner. So girls, let’s wrap our bodies like the treasures we are in the decent clothes that cover all the intricate parts till we get to our intended groom. You can’t dress like a suspect and expect to be treated like a prospect.  Aha! … someone must have raised a brow at that.

Hey! It’s okay to sulk a bit, maybe at the realisation that you‘ve not being too careful with your body or for some other reasons that hurt in the light of this revelation. well you are human, born with imperfections, bound to make mistakes. We all have made mistakes at one point of our lives or the other. So, everyone shares your sentiments, with no exception. And now that we know who we are, it’s time to dust the past and all its regrets, carry our head high, hold up our gaze and look unflinchingly straight. After all, if God didn’t accuse us but instead gave us the grace to come in light with this revelation today, who will? Perhaps he has a better plan. There is a whole lot he wants us to achieve in the present and the future than sit around regretting the past. I can feel someone making up her mind.

The second characteristic of treasures is that treasures appreciate in value. The value of a treasure appreciates, it doesn’t depreciate with time. Yet, it is an ever sought after. So sweetheart, what are you doing to increase your worth? Get more cookery lessons, acquire a professional certificate suited to your area of specialisation, develop your talents, improve on your handwork, expand your business idea, organise your home with more grace and affection like a loving wife and an invaluable mother. Above all, worship God with all that you are and get a life altogether.

Till I come your way again in writing, don’t ever forget dear sister that you are a treasure, every woman is a treasure, that’s how it’s meant to be.


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