crown chukwu

Right to Life and property is a constitutional right of the Nigerian Citizen. Obviously this part of the law has lost its credibility in the day to day brawl of the average mass.

I lost faith in Nigeria even before we lost to Argentina after the Plateau crises. Similarly a lot of people did too. We were fed up with the entertainment. BB Naija, shaku shaku, soco soco, now worldcup. They were no longer sustainable. “I am never going to watch this match” i said, shaking my head from left to right. Like a child that has refused to be bribed by something other than what he wants. But I still went ahead to watch the match. Lol. And I found our football team synonymous with our political structure. Except for Musa, we had no significant striker. Except for those being hunted, we have no assertive leader to enforce law and order. Party Obeiscance, god fatherism, tribal and religious fanatism against humanity.

“Racist Referee!” “Racist Referee!” Tell me if Ighalo had scored that one on one goal with the keeper would you have cried wolf? We keep crying racism against Africa in football with ragged breathing and the kind of desolate sobbing that comes from a person drained of all hope. When will you wake up? The world does not respond to pity. This world responds to power. That you are part of a race saddled with a wanton desire for common place is not the white man’s bowl of cream.

And who said we are not powerful? We once were. We threw it all away when westernisation came. We had herbs, roots and barks for treating all forms of illness. They brought us chalk coated medicines that are temporarily palliative. Who has anti malaria drug ever cured? About religion, Have you stopped to consider why our native names are not used for baptism? In Igbo land where i come from, Chiamaka means God is good. Chukwuebuka means God is great. Don’t this names all glorify God as much as Peter and Paul?

Yes westernisation did us good. But Africa could have used the education they brought us to make better. Not to throw away our power as a people. The kind of world that Marvel Studio tried to create in The Black Panther movie directed by Ryan Coogler. Black Magic+ Technlogy + African Culture. Na dem for dey find us come. Instead of us migrating through hell and oceans and deserts.

Back to Nigeria jare.

What is paining me more is this democracy that is dragging through the mud. Albeit transitioning from a multitude of different political structure, first of military regime, through pseudo democracy to a nationally unified democratic system. Yet we are still plagued by ills such as tyranny and corruption.

Which way Nigeria?