crown chukwu

KISS&TELL ep. 19

No matter how long we think it is taking for change to come, it always seem to appear sooner than we are ready for it.

And creativity is the crux of change.

At first, i thought I was doing my stylist a great disfavour when I stopped going to her saloon to fix my weaves.

Because, Wigs became the new rule.

Each time I pass her shop, I greet her.
“Ehe nne how are you?’
‘Fine.’ I reply with a quick glance and a slight curve of the chin. The smile of people who share a kind of history.

Then I notice she keeps staring at my hair. Her eyes, liquid with things unsaid. Admiration for the fine weave and a bit of gloat that I didn’t fix it in her saloon. It stirs a pang in my chest that quickens my pace. The heat of her gaze burned down my spine even after I have passed. There was in that gloat, a sense of defeat.

But one day, I saw two of my neighbours who are beautiful housewives on wig.
It wasn’t just for a day. It became a constant.
” I don’t have time to sit in the saloon for long hours these days”, one of them said to me when I complimented her wig.

She said ‘I don’t have time’ with an exotic pressure as if to prove a point. The point that she too can be as busy as I appear. She flipped few strands of hair behind her ear and dared me to challenge that reality with a stare.
” oh! beautiful”, I winked instead.
Then all the muscles on her face that were conjured for a fight, relaxed into a beam of smile.
After that day, the guilt for my stylist died.

One of the paradoxes of life is that the things that initially made you successful are rarely the things that keep you successful. You have to remain open to new ideas and think long term.

The ability to think long term is a developed skill.

What worked yesterday may not work for you today. So your best bet is to stay creative. Look for cues that lead to the next step.

Beat the game!