From knowledge to power

‘’Women empowerment’’ a popular saying in this modern times. From the pacific to the deserts, the north to the east, from politics through the boardroom to the confines of the home, the screams are getting louder; ‘’I am woman, hear me roar’’. The vicious cycle of men abdicating, women rising up, men fleeing, women becoming embittered hardened and hopeless has tainted the society causing wonderment in the heavens. The lines are invisibly drawn, proclaiming war. The fight for equal rights have left most men and women confused about who they are, where they fit and what they mean to each other. Women have felt devalued and powerless. This causes them to embrace the modern day opinion that they must become hardened in order to gain respect. It is safe to say many have lost their way back to feminity. Let’s face it though; these women have really been marginalised through rape, domestic violence, denial of rights and all forms of marginalization. To be honest, the increase is alarming in these modern times. The heavens are displeased, mother earth too. It’s my utmost stand that all forms of injustice meted out to women receive their full consequences. I believe in women empowerment, you too. Every woman needs to be empowered. Now draw closer, tete-a-tete, woman to woman, heart to heart. I’ve found a secret, it’s my antidote for this headache. It’s called knowledge.

Ever heard the saying ‘’knowledge is power’’? Oh yea! That is absolutely correct. Our empowerment lies in the secret of who we are – the feminine gender. According to Michelle McKinney Hammond in her book titled The Power of Being a Woman, she defines feminity as ‘’strength under control. Feminity is strength wrapped in a velvet globe. It doesn’t insist on its own way but most of the time, it gets it. While man has been given the mandate of authority, woman has been given the mantle of influence. Besides influence, intuition(spiritual sensitivity), sexuality and reproductive ability are a woman’s rare gift’’.  Now, that doesn’t sound like a powerless individual to me. No wonderGod didn’t give us physical strength as well, because if combined with all that innate power above, it might be dangerous. They call him Omniscience- the all knowing God. Quit thinking you are powerless as a woman. That thinking is the problem, making us tone our muscles to fight, seeking notice where we are already known, and hurting ourselves in the process. When we lose ourselves as women and begin forcing ourselves to develop muscles we are not designed to have, our internal relational system suffers. Masculine women cause men to dig in their heels and fight for their position – authority. Tone your muscles by loving not fighting. Every time we rebel, we become a servant to what we are rising against. As women we lose what we ultimately want while looking for the reward of recognition.  Every time we fight, we leave the shell of protection that God has designed for us and our cute little hearts get hurt in the process. Let go of the concept that you have to be tough in order to gain respect. We can still be our warm, wise, feminine self and still get everything accomplished. A woman who knows who she is, is a powerful tribute to feminity. Like Michelle rightly noted, a man has been given the mandate of authority and with that authority comes responsibility. That’s what makes him a man. Now if you think you can walk up and grab that out of his hands in some search for recognition, you are downright mistaken. A woman trying to fill a man’s role is no win situation. It’s out of God’s order.

We’ve got all the power we need given to us by God. We’ve got influence. Influence is more powerful than authority. Huh?(mouths open) don’t be too surprised dear. You never knew i presume. It was the woman that the serpent targeted first for deception in order to get to Adam. That’s because of the power of influence she’s got. However, only a submitted woman can influence a man. The goal is willing cooperation. Submission is mutual commitment and cooperation to achieve a greater end. Appeal to the heart of the one in authority, don’t demand. The more feminine you are, the more assistance you get from men, the more you are achieving your end. Whether you are a house wife, a political heroine or a career woman, it works the same. Nothing affects a man as deeply as an encounter with a woman with womanly qualities. Whenever we seek power without yielding to authority, we reach the end of the story. Little wonder the bible admonishes women to submit to their husband. Love inspires submission, submission more love. We stoop to conquer. This is where the true feminity emerges as a clear victor; it triumphs over the barrier of misunderstanding. It disarms the hard of the heart. It leads to a better way. It repairs the breach between those who have and those who are wanting.

Stop whimpering about your gender. Stop flexing your muscle for equality. We are already equal but possessing different powers. Instead, celebrate your uniqueness, embrace your softness, cherish your tenderness, delight in your warmth and discover the beauty of your tears. We need the strength and authority of men, they need our warmth, influence, sexuality, intuition and procreative ability. The bottom line on this women empowerment thing is this; women need men, women need one another and most importantly, women need God. I’m sure you’ve gained knowledge – knowledge for power. ( smiles).


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