The name of my mother is Theresa Daniels. She is a teacher. She is 72 years old.
Mom is a gray haired lady of 72 years. She is very sweet when she wants to be and very difficult when she puts her mind to it. I had to teach her how to drive at age of 65 and the only safe place to teach her was in a wheat field.

This two paragraphs are the beginning lines of a composition about your mother. The first paragraph is a typical paragraph of a secondary school student. The second paragraph is learned art.

Are you a secondary school student, WAEC, JAMB, or Post UTME candidate? Are you a parent? Do you have a sibling in secondary school? I’m offering you a chance to squash your English subject in school.
Heres what I teach
*How to write compelling Essays using the showing(demonstrative) and telling(asserting) technique.
*Understanding comprehension passages
*The art of debate
*Review of a syllable Literature text.

Classes for the month of August starts tomorrow.
To register, call 07053112620

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